Tuesday, February 24, 2015

So Here Goes!

Long time reader, first time blogger here...brace yourselves!

Just a little background, my husband and I were married back on September 27, 2014.  In one day, my two cats & I gained a roommate and that has proved to be too much for my townhouse.  I am currently blessed with amazing closet space that unfortunately we are a little too good at filling.  Add in the wedding gifts and the fact that my townhouse only has two bedrooms and things are just too tight for comfort.  He does have a single-family home but it's about 20 miles from where we currently live and I'm no fan of the location.  At all.  It's been a running joke for years between us.  

Enter our "we really need a home and fast" phase.  We were torn between an older home with tons of character (me) and a new/newer build with modern amenities (husband).  He knew just how to get me to come around...a promise of my dream kitchen AND walk-in closets.  I was on board in a heartbeat, especially when we envisioned our basement built for a party.  We looked at a few model homes and on a whim we stopped in a model located almost exactly between our two properties.  The model wasn't for us (Fox Chapel) but we really liked the neighborhood.  We reconned two other models and ultimately fell in love with the Palermo layout.  

Picking our lot was actually pretty easy & we are lucky that there is an easement behind us that can't be disturbed, hello trees!  We sat down with our SR & priced out all of the options we wanted - of course the final total was more than we would like it to be but this is our forever home.  I agreed that the master bedroom did not require a tray ceiling and that the garage could be in the front of the house - major concessions, to be sure.

So here we sit, house & options picked, loan applied for, non-standard requests submitted, exterior color selections made (more on that later) and 1 day away from our flooring appointment.  We were supposed to have our Guardian appointment this evening but apparently the guy has bailed for some reason.  

Lot 704, Officially Ours!

My sweet Finnegan...yet again outwitted by his toy
Vinny & Finn, BFFs

Doing what Yinzers Do...Tailgate before a Steelers game!

Because nothing's funnier than a Primanti's sandwich superimposed in front of  Tucker...