Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Keep Calm & Close in 9 Days!

Yep, you read that right - we're coming down the home stretch in this process!  We received word about a week ago that our closing is set for Friday, July 10 at 11am.  To say we're excited is an understatement!  Of course, like with everything else, there are challenges before we get those keys but the end is definitely in sight.

It's been a really hectic few weeks (noticing a pattern here?  Us too!) what with getting everything out of J's old house, preparing this one and some other projects too.  We successfully unloaded 1 mortgage payment last Friday - J's Cranberry property is off the books!  The closing was pretty easy from the sellers' side - show up, sign a bunch of forms (but not as many as the buyer) and receive a check.  Score!

We have also started to pack up my house - not quite as big of a concern because we aren't forced out by a certain date BUT I'm not hiring movers just for furniture - they can carry the boxes too.  I just need to get things INTO the boxes.  There's no sugar-coating it, and it's no surprise, but moving royally sucks.  Our goal is to have the upper 2 floors finished this weekend.  That means paper plates and takeout for 2 weeks.  Eh, whatever.  It'll work.

Just a few pictures this time - I really need to go check on the place but I have, ahem, other things keeping me busy after work.  Like...

Meet Harrison, the original Toy Boy!

Duck is as big as Harrison!

Proud Parents!


That's right, we took the plunge and added a puppy to our little family!  Harrison is a 9-week old Labrador Mix (they tell us Collie...maybe like 2%?  He's pretty diluted on the "mix" part) that we rescued from Ohio.  We closed on J's house and hauled you-know-what to Ohio to make the 3pm pick-up.  He's adorable and full of puppy mischief.  A ton of work, to be sure, but totally worth it.  

We've already decided that we will buy a little set of temporary steps for our back door & a 10 x 10 patch of sod for his to use while the grass comes up - since we plan to install a stone patio next spring, who cares if the "real" grass grows right there??  I'd rather have a non-muddy area for potty training!

We DID get a chance to visit on Sunday - we're at the point now where we would need to either go during "visiting hours" and get the key or roll the dice that the morning room door is still unlocked and J can climb up and let himself in.  Upper body strength must be nice.  I just wait near the garage until he lets me in.  They've made more progress inside - we now have a dishwasher, sink, stove & our backsplash looks pretty sweet!  That being said, a TON of work remains.  Still need to change out the 3 broken windows, the broken drawer front in the kitchen, final coat of paint, deep clean everything, etc. But I'm going with the mindset that it'll get done & we shouldn't worry!

Yep, I LOVE my backsplash!

Who has a basement with natural light??  WE DO!

I just love the stone!  And the colors do work together.
Now about that blah door...

The light pole & curved sidewalk are just cute!

Final note - remember my venting about our worthless SR, the guy who's trying to make it right and MORONS at NVRM?  Well the new SR continues to really save the day here.  I like this guy & just wish that he had been our original SR.  I'm still thinking I'll be venty on the comments section of the survey but he gets good marks - no fair making him pay for the sins of the Worthless.  As for NVRM, seriously, people, you're pretty much incompetent.  Why on earth do I have to KEEP sending the SAME document over and over?  Do you not have the ability to save a file to a location you can remember?  Bah.  Underwriting can kiss my grits.  The final straw was when we had to turn in pay stubs within 30 days of closing.  Mine was dated 6/17.  Qualifies, right?  Nope, apparently the pay period ended 6/9.  Really?  Really?  REALLY?  Our processor guy was all put out that I didn't get paid again until today.  It's not my policy, bub.  Deep breaths, we're almost done with this incompetence...

So, we'll continue to pack my place, spend time with our new puppy and LET THE COUNTDOWN BEGIN!!!

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  1. Congrats! He's adorable. You're closing on our final walk through day. It's getting very exciting. Well, minus the packing part. Good luck!