Monday, July 6, 2015

Unbelievable. Simply Unbelievable

I had really hoped that our struggles with the poor communication at Ryan between our PM, LO and SR had come to a close.  With under a week until close, it had to be ok, right?


Last week, we invited J's parents, uncle & aunt to come see our new place on Sunday.  Throughout this whole process, we have been able to go to the model, get a key and enter our house.  No one, not the PM or the SR EVER mentioned that this routine might change.  Imagine our confusion when we put the master key in the lock & it didn't work.  Not in the garage, the front door or the back door (J can climb over the railing if the knob opens).  So I went back down to the office.  Our normal SR (well, the one who doesn't suck, not our original) wasn't there.  The girl there had some people that were signing over a check - presumably they were finalizing some portion of their deal.  They now know what to expect.  I didn't want to interrupt but the stand-in SR asked what was up & I told her that the key didn't work.  After several exchanges, it was clear she was totally baffled.  Then she asked when we were closing.

I kid you not, this is what was said:

"You close on Friday?  That explains it.  They've changed your locks."
"Fine.  I'll take that key instead."
"Nope, only your PM has it.  This is why we tell people to call first.  Didn't he email you that update?"
(Um, NO ONE EVER TOLD US THAT.  NEVER, AND THE ROCK MEANS NEVER, WERE WE TOLD THAT WE WOULD BE LOCKED OUT AND THAT ONLY ONE PERSON WOULD HAVE ACCESS TO OUR HOUSE.  How damn stupid is that strategy - only one moron has the key & doesn't work weekends when normal people can visit?  You know, those people who have to work during the day? And our PM didn't do sh!t to update us this week.  Surprise, surprise.  I'm totally over his unaccommodating behavior.)

I pretty much told her that, although I left out the Rock reference.  He's a former wrestler who was hilarious for those confused by that line.

She attempted to apologize with "I'm sorry..."
I cut her off with "I'm sorry for the people who drove 80 miles to have their time wasted because communication is impossible with you people."  I slammed the door & left.  Good luck to those poor folks handing over their money.

Poor J was called into the car where I had an impressive tantrum.  We were able to peek into windows but I'm very angry that I won't be able to see my home until Thursday since our PM refuses to stay past 4pm.  Impossible for people who work to make it up there.

Needless to say, Ryan is getting a very angry email.  This is the last straw.  NVRM can't be bothered to keep track of documents we send, resulting in multiple emails of the SAME form.  Incompetent.  Our PM & LO couldn't get on the same page right after our pre-drywall meeting and give us a close date.  Interest rates rose before they told us 2 weeks later we would close in a month.  Incompetent.  That one has cost us dearly.  We will NOT let this one go unnoticed.  Many people, including my own mother, have said that they wouldn't want to be on the receiving end of this email.

Next up is us questioning what in the hell they used for door handles.  The rest of our home is brushed nickel but quite inexplicably, the exterior door handles are all oil-rubbed bronze?  No.  Try again, clowns.

Overall, the house does look beautiful.  I'm positive we will find imperfections once we are allowed in but at the moment, the frustration and utter nonsense and poor customer service are making this week much more difficult than needed.

Until Thursday...

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  1. hi! I randomly came across your blog. My husband and I are going to be your neighbors this fall. love your house!